Visitor information

The story of beer culture, which spans thousands of years, is told in the Beer World, one of the newest and most contemporary experience centres in Tartu. The fully preserved historical malt tower, which is known as a symbol of the city and one of the rarest industrial buildings in Europe, is the heart of the museum. In addition to its unique architecture, you’ll find exciting installations and interactive exhibits as well as fascinating stories and legends in the Beer World.

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Get to know the Beer World

A visit to the Beer World is an amazing trip through time, which takes you back more than 12,000 years to the roots of beer culture. During the exciting and interactive journey, you can enjoy authentic experiences, aromas and tastes, and listen to fascinating legends and memories. You will gain new knowledge of beer history and beer types, see interesting equipment and one of the oldest preserved beers in the world. The journey introduces the proud history of A. Le Coq that dates back more than 200 years alongside the history of beer city Tartu. During your visit, you will also learn how beer was made in the past and how it is brewed today.

Enjoy discovering the Beer World!

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Guided tour

The guided tour gives quick overview of the entire beer museum and its star exhibits, and gives you the opportunity to explore the museum’s exhibits individually afterwards.


Gift Shop

The A. Le Coq Gift Shop offers the biggest selection of A. Le Coq products – from juice to water, beer to cocktails. The shop also has the biggest collection of beer glasses in Estonia, exciting souvenirs, quirky gifts, branded clothes and accessories – you can’t find them anywhere else!

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Malt tower

The Beer World is located on the premises of the historic malt growing and drying tower that’s over 100 years old. It’s a symbol of the city of Tartu and one of the most beautiful industrial monuments from the late 19th century. It’s the only surviving building of its kind in of Europe. The A. Le Coq malt tower was still operating in 1998.

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What is your story about A. Le Coq?

We can talk about Estonian beer and drinking culture and the traditions that go with it thanks to their history of over two hundred years. In order to further enrich the history of Estonian beer culture and beverage industry with new knowledge, we invite everyone to share their memories and stories about A. Le Coq with us. We welcome written memories as well as photos, product packaging, souvenirs and anything else related to the historic drinks producer.

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